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Friday 06 January 2017
Patch 7.1.5 Arrives on January 10

We’re ringing in the new year with a brand new patch on Tuesday, January 10. Patch 7.1.5 offers a variety of new content, including a new Timewalking event, Micro-Holidays, and the return of the Brawlers’ Guild. Dive into our previews and developer Q&As to learn more about each of them.

Patch 7.1.5 Preview - Mists of Pandaria Timewalking
Join the denizens of Azeroth in a new journey back in time to the days of the lifting of the mists—Timewalking is coming to the islands of Pandaria. [More...]

Patch 7.1.5 Preview: The Return of the Brawler’s Guild
After a quick break to mend some wounds and broken bones, everyone’s favorite fighting series is back. A new set of challenging encounters are coming to town, and it’s up to you to muscle your way past them for glory and prizes. [More...]

Micro-Holidays in Patch 7.1.5
Patch 7.1.5 brings with it a variety of updates and new content. One of these new additions is what we’re calling micro-holidays. Each one is meant to make the world feel more alive without making players feel like they need to participate for big rewards—while still providing some more variety and fun. [More...]

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on Friday 06 January 2017 - 20:03:43
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Tuesday 06 December 2016
Patch 7.1 Hotfixes


Idemonhunters Demon Hunter

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed the leech from Soul Rending to persist after Metamorphosis ended.

Ihunters Hunter

  • Freezing Trap will no longer cause the target's next cast to fail in certain cases.

Images Mage

  • Ice Block's cooldown will correctly reset at the end of an encounter.

Ipriests Priest

  • You can now activate and deactivate Shadowform while mounted.

  • Players who were unable to submit Artifact Knowledge Work Orders should now be able to again.

  • Players in a dungeon during a server shutdown should no longer receive the Deserter debuff.

Throne of Tides

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Mindbender Ghur’sha to be non-interactable.

Trial of Valor

  • The Patient Zero achievement should now be obtainable, as intended.


  • Increased the radius of Guarm's Multi-Headed from 8 yards to 30 yards on Mythic difficulty.
  • Decreased Guarm's health by 5% on Mythic difficulty.

Developers’ Notes: The Mythic difficulty change to the Multi-Headed mechanic is intended to require the use of 2 tanks on the encounter. We also slightly reduced Guarm’s health alongside this change in order to minimize the effect on groups that were accustomed to only using 1 tank. This is already active in the NA/ANZ region, and will take effect in other regions with their weekly restarts.


  • The magnitude of Corrupted Axion's healing absorb now properly scales down as the size of a raid decreases from 30 players to 10 players.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause Fetid Rot from targeting more players than intended on non-Mythic difficulties.
  • Reduced the health of several enemies in the Helya encounter on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
  • On non-Mythic difficulties, Adjusted Orb of Corrosion no longer targets Helya's tank targets, similar to its behavior in Mythic difficulty.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Odyn to sometimes cast a lethal Unerring Blast during the final phase of the encounter.

  • Many trinkets available from Timewalking holiday dungeons and vendors have had their effects adjusted to more closely match the power level of Legion trinkets.

  • Mass Invisibility can no longer be cast on allies holding battleground flags and orbs.

  • Havi's message when a player completes "Now That's Just Clawful" will no longer be displayed to all players in the area.
  • World Quest map markers for Kirin Tor World Quests should now function correctly.
  • During “Barrels o’ Fun”, a swirling holy light now radiates from the barrel that needs to be tracked.
  • Players no longer get roadblocked if they teleport out of Well of the Forgotten after interacting with the Bone Pile for the quest "The Rite of the Executioner".

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on Tuesday 06 December 2016 - 15:05:00
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Tuesday 23 August 2016
Legion Dungeons and Raids Schedule

When it comes to dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft: Legion, launch on August 30 is just the beginning. Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion.

Tuesday, August 30—When Legion goes live, dungeons will be immediately available on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic dungeons difficulty will be available after the weekly dungeon reset time.

Tuesday, September 21—The Emerald Nightmare raid opens on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic Keystones will begin dropping, which allow increased challenge and rewards from Mythic dungeons.

Tuesday, September 28—Mythic difficulty for Emerald Nightmare opens. The first wing of Raid Finder difficulty for Emerald Nightmare opens.

Tuesday, October 12—Raid Finder Wing 2 of Emerald Nightmare opens.

Tuesday, October 26—Raid Finder Wing 3 of Emerald Nightmare opens.

We look forward to seeing you in the Broken Isles!

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Posted byBrika
on Tuesday 23 August 2016 - 20:10:00
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